Product line


Tu-214 is meant for public conveyance on short and middle distances. It represents an improved Tu-204 with increased flight range and take-off mass. The first series of Tu-214 was launched into production in the second half of 1994. Its first flight was performed on the 21st of March, 1996.

The middle-range airliner Tu-214 matches the Domestic standards AR-25, American standards FAR-25, and West-European standards JAR-25 on noise and environment pollution level, and on the airborne equipment structure. So, it is allowed to fly over European and American countries. In comparison with its analogues (Boeing-757-200 and Airbus-321) Tu-214 differs with a better fuel efficiency, so now its the most profit-proved middle-range passenger aircraft.

Inside the passenger Tu-214 the all conditions for the comfortable long flight are created. The interior matches all International standards, and it is provided in different modifications which vary according to the customers demands. The basic version is meant for conveyance of 210 passengers in economic-class. On its basis the 2-class and 3-class modifications were built.

Tu-214 had showed good advantages in passenger transportation, thats why this machine was chosen as an etalon for creating a whole line of specially-purposed aircrafts.According to the President Executive Offices special order JSC Tupolev had developed Tu-214s special modifications:

  1. Tu-214SR the transponder aircraft;
  2. Tu-214CS the control station aircraft;
  3. Tu-214SUS the communication center aircraft equipped with specialized radio devices.

Flight range of these special-hulls was increased up to 10000 kilometers due to installing the additional fuel tanks.